Troop 212 Summer Camp 2015   

This year we're headed to Camp Cris Dobbins for a little Summer Camp Fun. If you're already signed up here's the links that will get you started on your fun!

Summer Camp 2015 Top Secret Transmission

21:01 MST
LOC: Elbert, CO
SQ: Cris Dobbins Scouts
COM: Agent 700 (RYAN ROSS), Agent 43 (PATRICK TIDWELL)
Attention all agents of the BSA – a crisis has arisen at Camp Cris Dobbins. A mysterious organized crime syndicate has taken possession of Peaceful Valley. Through nefarious means, the crime syndicate known as “The Tenors” acquired the deed to the Peaceful Valley grounds - as such, we have no official means of regaining control of the property. We have therefore decided to send in our greatest team of covert operatives in order to negate their efforts: The Scouts of the BSA.
This is where you come in. Led by experienced Senior Agent 700 (Program Director: Ryan Ross) and newly minted Senior Agent 43 (Assistant Program Director: Patrick Tidwell), your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate the operations of Camp Cris Dobbins under the guise of Summer Camp Scouts and Scouters and reclaim the premises from the Tenors villainous hands.

Your time is limited - due to the late acquisition of Peaceful Valley from the Boy Scouts of America, the Tenors were unable to prevent the approaching camp season, and are officially obligated to provide a camping experience for 2015. However, should the deed remain in their control, they fully intend to eliminate the camp in favor of a massive money-laundering goldmine come fall. We are counting on you to utilize your full range of experience, abilities and creativity to
accomplish your goal. A detailed debrief shall be provided at a future date. 

The fate of camp rests in your hands.

Good Luck Agents.
Boy Scouts of America Covert Intelligence Division.