Knot Tying
Welcome to the webpage edition of You've Been Knotty.  A place to celebrate the Boy Scout's love of knots how how to tie them.

For many people learning the art of tying knots stopped when they mastered the art of tying their shoes, and for most that's all they'll ever think they need.  So why then as Boy Scouts do we work so hard to learn to tie knots?  The answer is simple and based in the Boy Scout Motto: "Be Prepared".  Knowing proper knots will help you answer the challenges of knotty situations that the ol' shoe lace butterfly can't handle. Think about it, what happens if the Search and Rescue teams in Rocky Mountain National Park didn't know how to properly tie off a safety rope when they're in the middle of a rescue?  Sure, that's an extreme example, but what if you want to:
  • Secure a sail on the boat you just took out at summercamp?
  • Tie down a Tarp to keep the rain out of your wilderness survival shelter?
  • Make a pioneering bridge?
  • Hang a rope swing over a creek?
  • Tie down the rainfly on your tent?
Being able to tie knots properly is almost like a superpower. In fact, knowing your knots can seriously help you and the people you're with get through some pretty rough situations, but that isn't the only thing knots and ropy tying can do for you. There's also an artistic side to be discovered when tying knots. Don't believe us? Then go grab that paracord bracelet that's gathering dust in your room. Guess what? That's one big knot, not to mention a pretty sweet gift when you learn how to tie one!  To get started with your new superpower training it's best to return to your roots and dust off the Scout archives to figure out what knots you need to know. After you've mastered the Basics then jump into the hard stuff.

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Decorative Knots
Paracord Bracelets