Gift Suggestions
We've pinned down our scoutmasters and other experienced campers to come up with a few ideas for those of you thinking about getting some gear for your scouts. Below are just a few of the suggestions they came up with. 

Headlamp - Headlamps can be a real lifesaver in camp but there about 4 billion different versions out there so picking a good one can be a challenge. Never fear!                   We've done our research and found a great guide for picking a good headlamp for your scout. Outdoor Gear Lab - Headlamp buying guide

Water Bottles - Nalgene are the popular ones right now and for good reason.  Here's a little tip: REI sells clear and white 32 oz Nalgene bottles for $6.75 and it'll                         be tough to find them for less. Let your scout's personalize them with colored duct tape or sharpies (although sharpies tend to wear off).

Sleeping Pad - Thicker means not feeling that rock you didn't move under the tent but don't bother getting that $150 model at this point. 

Sleeping Bag - Remember that the temperature listed on that sleeping bag is a survival rating. It'll keep you alive but you're not going to be happy. If you get a                            sleeping bag for a scout get a full length bag. Scouts grow, sleeping bags don't.

Bag liner - You don't need a fancy silk liner. You can get a cotton/poly liner for warmer camping or a fleece liner for cold weather. Why do you need a liner? They                  help keep a sleeping bag clean and it's a lot easier to throw that in the wash instead of an entire sleeping bag. If you're feeling like a personalized                        project you can always take an old sheet and make a liner.

Multi-tool / Pocketknife - A good knife is one of the most important tools a Scout can carry (after they've earned their Totin' Chit!). The ones from the scout                                             store are usually not worth the money and tend to have quality issues. Look for a reliable brand that will last years.  Did we mention                                          there's a Spyderco outlet in Golden?

Whistle - A simple metal whistle can be a true lifesaver.

Zip-off Pants - The color most often associated with Boy Scout pants is forest green.  You can always go the official route and visit the Denver Area Council                           store or the website. Another secret is that your big outdoor stores also carry zip-offs and the it's pretty easy to get something                               close to forest green.

Rain Gear - The ol' poncho works great but when you're out on a trail in a pouring rain that pair of rain pants becomes invaluable. Look a jacket/pant combo                           that's lightweight and will only take up a small portion of a scout's backpack.

Fleece/Lightweight jacket - To camp in cooler weather you'll here older scouts and adult leaders talk about the importance of layers. A fleece jacket makes a                                              great under layer. If you're crazy like the scoutmaster a lightweight fleece dedicated for sleeping is a must. 

Knit Hat - When your head is cold, the rest of your body get's cold. It's a great idea to have a couple knit hats: one for running around out by the campfire and                    one for sleeping (you don't want that dirty/smoky one in your sleeping bag do you?). 

Gloves - Most everyone has big winter gloves but those can be tough to use when you're working around camp. They also tend to be left in the tent during our                  fall/spring camping excursions because they are just too bulky. A good pair of lightweight gloves can be critical during those chilly, but not winter,                      moments in camp.

Thermal Underwear - There is nothing more appreciated than long underwear when you're trying to stay comfortable 

Socks - Get moisture wicking ones for more comfort on the trail.

Where to shop
If you're wondering where to go shopping for all this gear here's a few suggestions based on Troop experience and other scouting resources. This is not an endorsement and are provided just for your reference. There are many more places out there! or the Denver Area Council Scout Store - Your place for official BSA gear.
Bass Pro Shops - Get 10% off when you present a BSA membership card - Register to receive large discounts on camping gear (40% to 50% off)
Coleman - Get discounted deals by registering at
Dick's Sporting Goods - Get 10% off when you present a BSA membership card
Gander Mountain - Get 10% off when you present a BSA membership card
L.L. Bean
Moosejaw - Get 10% off when you present a BSA membership card