First Aid Kit
The First Aid Kit is one of the Scout Ten Essentials and for good reason.  It's going to let you treat some minor stuff like scratches, blisters, and other stuff that untreated could get ugly fast. A personal first aid kit is also going to help you take some initial steps in handling more serious injuries that need more advanced attention.  

The Boy Scout Handbook has a great section on the contents of your First Aid kit that starts on page 125. Below is a list of all the materials that the book covers. Before you just go running off into the wilderness you should read that section. Make sure your adults have read it, too.

Personal First Aid Kit
  • 6 Adhesive Bandages (Band-Aids)
  • 2 sterile 3 inch x 3 inch gauze pads
  • small roll of adhesive tape
  • 3 inch x 6 inch piece of moleskin
  • small bar of soap or sanitizing gel
  • small tube of antibiotic ointment (Neosporin)
  • scissors (to cut gauze and tape)
  • disposable nonlatex gloves
  • CPR breathing barrier
  • pencil and paper

SECOND CLASS SCOUTS: Don't forget that requirement #6b is to "prepare a personal first aid kit to take with you on a hike."