Troop 212 Forms

Troop Permission Forms
The following form is required for each and every activity our Scouts, Leaders, and Parents participate in outside of the normal Troop Meetings:

Health & Medical Forms
For each participant in Troop Activities the Boy Scouts of America requires that we have a current Health and Medical Record on file. This form needs to be updated at least once per year.  The Troop normally requires that a new form be submitted for the first event that a participant attends each year.  If there are significant health changes for a participant then they should submit a new form to Troop leadership as soon as possible.  

There are two different Annual Health and Medical Record forms.  The first version of the form is for events that last less than 72 hours. This is the form that you'll become most familiar with as you move through your Scouting adventures. You can find it here:

The second version of the Annual Health and Medical Record form is for events that will be over 72 hours or for participants in Summer Camp. This form requires the completion of a pre-participation physical with your health provider and they will need to sign Part C of the following form:

When the Troop goes to a Summer Camp in Colorado there is an additional form that is required by the Colorado Department of Public Health for all scouts under age 18.  The Colorado Addendum can be found at the following URL:
Troop leadership will make sure you know when the Colorado Addendum is required.

Troop Reimbursement Form
The following form is used to request financial reimbursement for items purchased in support of the Troop.
Troop 212 Reimbursement Request form

Campout Cooking Planners and Menus
The following form can be used to help Scouts plan their cooking efforts.

Use this form to let everyone else know what you're making for dinner.