Troop 212

Adult Campout / Event Organizer Playbook


The Adult Organizer will need to work very closely with the Boy Scout organizing the campout/event.  Ideally the Boy Scout will make all of the arrangements for the campout but the reality of the situation is that he will most likely need help from you.

The Adult Organizer is ultimately responsible for tracking the finances for the campout. The Troop has created a spreadsheet to help track these expenses. This spreadsheet is the most efficient way to submit the expense to the troop’s Treasurer for reimbursement. While the treasurer may be willing to accept request for reimbursement via other methods, this will delay the payment to you and more importantly the other adults who have spent money in support of the campout/event (i.e. the parents of the cooks).


The current spreadsheet is available from the troop’s Treasurer. Most of the spreadsheet is straight forward but there are a few items which take a moment to understand; hence this document.

Before the event/campout


Column B has the list of Boy Scouts registered with the troop as of June 2014. Column J has the list of Adult Scouters registered with the troop as of June 2014.

Place an “X” for each Boy Scout who has registered for the campout/event. If someone is accompanying this Scout on the campout/event add the number of people attending in the “Others (#)” column. NOTE: Some parents are already listed in column J because they are registered with the Troop. Please do your best to NOT double count these people.

Repeat this process for each adult leader who has registered for the campout/event. Please double check that you are not double counting the adult leaders who also have a Boy Scout attending the same event.


This section determines the number of Boy Scouts attending, Adult Leaders attending, any non-paying Adults (if any), and Webelos and their Parents (if any). This can also be a bit tricky.

The troop has decided that Webelos and their parents who are ‘visiting’ our troop should not be charged to attend our campout/events. There are other events, although rare, where specific adults are also exempted from paying. These need to be manually entered into the “Webelos & Parents” and “Non-paying Adults” cells.


The Boy Scouts are organized into campout specific patrols. These may be different from their normal troop patrols. This is done to allow specific Scouts to work on advancement requirements (e.g. First Class cooking requirement, Cooking merit badge). The spreadsheet has space for eight (8) Boy Scout patrols and one adult patrol (we are the Geezer Patrol - wear that with pride :) ).

The Scoutmaster will assign the Boy Scout patrol members. You will need to enter these names into the specific patrol lists (feel free to copy and paste from column B). Pay special attention to the Cook. The cook is responsible for budgeting, purchasing, preparing and serving the food for his patrol throughout the campout/event. The cook will need to provide you, the adult organizer, receipts for the food he purchased in support of the campout/event.

After the campout

Registration, Campground, Parking/Entry, Fuel, etc. fees need to be entered into the appropriate cells. Receipts are required for each entry.

Food Receipts

Each cook is responsible for staying on budget and must submit receipts for any expense they would like the troop to reimburse.

Work with each patrol cook, including the Geezer patrol, to get the total spent on food for their patrol. Enter this into the “Food $ Spent” cell for each patrol.

Cell K131 will report an error if the Food receipts are greater than the food budget allows.

The completed spreadsheet along with all receipts are due to the troop treasurer so that the information may be used to write checks to the appropriate people. It is your responsibility to collect the receipts as well as complete the spreadsheet and to work with the troop treasurer to complete this portion of the campout/event.