Merit Badge Counselors

The merit badge counselor is a important cog in the advancement machine for every Scout.  At this time there are more than 130 merit badges that Scouts can earn and they cover many different areas of interest including crafts, hobbies, professions, and life skills.  As a merit badge counselor you play an important role in helping scouts by offering your time, knowledge and other resources to help scouts explore these new opportunities.  Here's a link to all the merit badges that are currently available: Boy's Life Merit Badge Requirements

You're probably wondering how do you become a merit badge counselor, right?  Well, it's easy!  There's only a few simple steps and then you'll be on your way to helping scouts discover and develop knowledge in a multitude of new areas.  Here's how easy it is:

  1. Fill out a BSA Adult Application. There's always a supply of them at the Troop Meetings.  When you're asked for the position code on the application enter the number 42.  That's the code for an MB counselor.
  2. Take the BSA's Youth Protection Training.  It available on the website.  If you already have your YPT training visit the website and print out your certificate. You'll need to turn that in with your application. (More info on training can be found here.)
  3. Print and fill out the following Denver Area Council form: MB Counselor Information sheet. Here's where you'll indicate what merit badges you are interested in assisting with. You can find the requirements for each Merit Badge on this page. When you're starting just pick a couple so you can get used to the process.
  4. Take all the forms and certificates you've printed out and give them to our Advancement chair, Mrs. Pam Hardee. From there she'll get the information entered into our advancement tracking system and update the merit badge counselor's list.
There's a couple more important items to note. All of our merit badge counselors are encouraged to look over the following websites and informational packets:

Also note:
Did you notice the position code for merit badge counselor on the Adult Appplication for the BSA?  For those Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy out there this should have special meaning. Merit Badge counselors are indeed "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything"!