Welcome to the Troop 212 website!

Welcome to the Troop 212 website and thanks for stopping in. Troop 212 is located in Northglenn, CO and has been chartered since 1963 by the Northglenn United Methodist Church. We've created this little corner of the interwebs as a destination for Scouts, those looking to become Scouts, Leaders, future Volunteers, and even those that happened to find our site by accident.  Regardless of why you're here, we are glad you made it. Thanks for visiting and we hope you come back often!

Existing Scouts and Families - Click on this link to access your Troop 212 TroopWebHost account. This is also the place where you'll be able to check out merit badge materials.

If you're here to discover more about Troop 212 then the best place to start is our About Troop 212 page. There you'll find information about who we are and what we do as a Troop. Visiting there should help start answering a few of the questions that people have about our organization.

Those of you that are experienced Scouts and Leaders you might want to check out our Scout Resources page. Part of being a leader is learning from those that have come before you. Here's their experiences all in one place.

Attention Adult Leaders - There's a spot for you, too! Check out the Adult Leaders pages as well as the information we've put together regarding BSA Training. Every Scout deserves a trained leader.

That's just the start of what's on the website, but don't just take our word for it! Take a few minutes and explore the website like a Scout would!!

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